Monday, 4 October 2010

Hello and welcome.

My name is Lisa Jenkins and I am a dark fiction writer from Swansea, South Wales. No! Please don't stop reading. Just because you prefer romance or comedy doesn't mean that this blog is not for you.

My main aim for this blog is to create a place where other potential writers can gain some insight into what it takes, technically and emotionally, to be a modern day writer.

What qualifies me to do this you may ask. If you type my name into a search engine you are unlikely to find any of my work, and that is because I have only recently had my first story accepted by a magazine and am still awaiting a publication date. What does qualify me is the journey I have taken to get to the point of publication: The problems I have faced, the advice I have received, and all the head-hairs I have ripped out in the process. There is a lot of good information out there for the new writer but you have to know where to find it, and how to distinguish it from the bad advice you will almost definately receive at some point.

Of course, in order to get this information, you will have to put up with whinging, ranting, and some (quite frankly) stupid comments. I am also hoping to get some of my better known writer friends on board, either for interviews, or to guest blog.

I am hoping this will become a fully interactive experience, so please join in with your comments or questions and let me know what topics you would like to see covered.

That's all for now. I will be posting again soon, and the next topic will be HOW I BECAME A WRITER: The Beginning. Duh, Duh, Duuuhhh

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